Flower Vase #1 (Two) by Shiro Kuramata

Flower Vase #1 (Two) by Shiro Kuramata


Donated by Caviar 20

While Japanese fashion designers are well-known, Shiro Kuramata is one of
the only with an international reputation.

While Kuramata had a brief association with Memphis, he is admired
for his interiors, furniture and objects that capture a unique intersection between minimalism and irreverence. Kuramata's greatest hits, realized in acrylic, were created during the last decade of his lifetime, yet they are the most iconic and sought after on the secondary market.

His vases, which rarely come available, are prime examples of his aesthetic and genius.

Nearly a dozen of his creations have surpassed the six-figure mark at
auction (most of these results in the last five years).

Designer: Shiro Kuramata
Manufacturer: Ishimaru Co. Ltd.

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