Petal Drum

Petal Drum


Donated by Elizabeth Metcalfe

With the St. Honore, Thomas Pheasant provides a versatile accent table with a genuinely original design motif. The shape is simply elegant, and it floats easily in rooms inspired by almost any period or style. Drawn from antiquity, the hourglass form is a symbolic meeting of past and present. The top casts an extra, and moving, shadow over the body of the table. The carved Blossom relief recalls the tile on the façade of a 1930s Paris apartment house - in a custom cast resin chosen for both its ability to support complex hand finishes and manageable weight. The leaf finishes have a patchwork look on top, and bring light and detail to the Blossom motif.

Designer: Thomas Pheasant-Baker Furniture
Manufacturer: Baker Furniture

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