Tyndall Stone Umbrella Stand by Thom Fougere

Tyndall Stone Umbrella Stand by Thom Fougere


Donated by EQ3

Designed personally by EQ3 Creative Director Thom Fougere, the Mono Umbrella Stand in Tyndall stone is a one of a kind piece.  Thom quite often works with Tyndall stone, a type of limestone quarried exclusively in Manitoba, Canada.


Tyndall stone has an intricate grey veining pattern that courses through each slab. The dark veining, dolomite, within the stone, is dense and performs a similar function that rebar does for concrete – bonding with the porous light stone to keep the structural integrity of the material. This dolomite portion of Tyndall stone was created by the burrowing of ancient marine creatures within the deposited limestone bed. The evidence of their existence can be found on the face of each slab.


Tyndall stone was favoured by many architects and builders at the turn of the century for its durability and resilient dynamic beauty and many, if not most, civic structures in the Prairie Provinces are clad with this stone.


Thom also designed the award for 2016's DX Intersection Awardee, Tyler Brûlé.

Designer: Thom Fougere
Manufacturer: Arconas


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