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ON MAY 17, JOIN DESIGN EXCHANGE for the 3rd annual Design Exchange Design Auction

A live and silent auction of unique, rare, and original pieces for your home. Co-chaired by Mary Jo Looby, Jeffrey Douglas of Douglas Design Studio, and Erin McLaughlin, editor-in-chief of Style at Home.

Warp Vase by Tom Dixon

WRPV01_Warp Vase_Angle.jpg
WRPV01_Warp Vase_Front On.jpg
Warp Detail 3.jpg
WRPV01_Warp Vase_Angle.jpg
WRPV01_Warp Vase_Front On.jpg
Warp Detail 3.jpg

Warp Vase by Tom Dixon


Donated by The Modern Shop

A mouth-blown cylinder is distorted, squashed, and deformed while the glass is in a molten state. The mysterious iridescent finish is then applied by hand and the vessel is re-fired at a high temperature. Each vase's organic and irregular shape reflects and refracts light from the lustre glaze, an effect familiar from a petrol spill on a wet day or a hummingbird's wing.

Manufacturer + Designer: Tom Dixon

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